HBOs Lovecraft Country: 8 Most WTF Moments From Episode 2 – CinemaBlend

The Jefferson’s Theme Song

Though the series premiere ended with the central trio arriving at the Braithwhite mansion covered in blood, Episode 2 immediately left all that mess behind in the opening seconds, thanks to Ja’Net DuBois’ oh-so-familiar voice singing The Jeffersons‘ theme song “Movin’ On Up.” As viewers would later find out, both Courtney B. Vance’s George and Jurnee Smollett’s Leti had lost all memory of the previous monster-filled evening, and both characters found themselves overwhelmingly impressed with their rooms in the mansion, with George surrounded by his favorite books, and Leti finding wardrobe full of outfits that fit perfectly. It was all too good to be true, of course, but for a few culture-clashing minutes there, it felt like everyone had made it up that hill.