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Former wide receiver Brandon Marshall posted a video to Instagram on Thursday depicting an incident in which he said someone called the police on him and his family as he tried to move into his new home near Miami.

The video comes amid a massive social justice push in the sports world following the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin on Sunday.

Marshall tries to move into new Florida home

Details surrounding the incident, when it took place or what led up to the start of Marshall’s video are unclear. 

He said in the video that security guards on the property where his new Florida home is located called the police on him because his name wasn’t on a list. 

A police officer can be seen in the video, and Marshall said that he had his children with him. 

“This is the problem,” Marshall yelled at the security guards. “I come here, you feel uncomfortable, my first day moving into my new house, because my name’s not on the list you call the cops. Now you call the cops. 

“No you’re not trying to do your job. There was no threat for you to call the cops. This is what we’re seeing every single day. This is what we’re seeing every single day. I have two kids in the car right now.”

What happens after that video ends is unknown.

Marshall played in the league from 2006-2018, spending time with the Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears, New York Jets and Giants and the Seattle Seahawks. The 36-year-old recorded more than 12,000 yards and 83 touchdowns in his career.

Marshall posted the video just days after Kenosha, Wisconsin, police shot Blake — a 29-year-old Black man — multiple times in the back as he attempted to get into his vehicle. Blake, who’s attorney said had his children in the car at the time, survived the shooting but is partially paralyzed. 

The incident has sparked widespread condemnation and protests, and even led to mass walkouts in the NBA, WNBA, MLB, NHL, MLS and more. NBA players are expected to resume their playoffs at Walt Disney World on Saturday after several contentious, emotional days of player meetings over the issue. Several NFL teams have canceled practices in order to speak and take action following the Blake shooting in recent days, too. 

Marshall posted a second video to Instagram on Thursday encouraging Americans to vote in November, too.

“The path toward real change flows through the ballot box,” he wrote. “The power belongs in the people’s hands. I’m not telling you to vote or who to vote for. I’m reminding you that you CAN vote. It is your RIGHT to have your voice heard.” 

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