Matt Forte: Brian Urlacher is blinded by wealth and privilege – NBC Sports – NFL

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Former Bears running back Matt Forte offered a strong criticism of Brian Urlacher, who criticized NBA players for sitting out a game in protest of the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Forte, who was Urlacher’s teammate for five years, wrote on Twitter at Urlacher showed with his social media post that he doesn’t understand what NBA players are standing for.

“The comment [Urlacher] posted is void of empathy, compassion, wisdom and coherence,” Forte wrote. “But full of pride and ignorance! I pray for those who have been blinded by their wealth, privilege and earthly fame that breeds arrogance in their hearts. And those who refuse to acknowledge racism and injustice but instead choose to place their energy into justifying it by quickly judging the victim’s life as if they themselves are more valuable because their sins are different or weren’t caught by man. But God sees all.”

Forte’s tweet was retweeted by, among others, Lance Briggs, the former Bears linebacker who played alongside Urlacher for 10 seasons.