You can see Jupiter, Saturn and the moon align in the sky tonight — all without a telescope –

HOUSTON — Editor’s note: The video above aired in 2019.

As we all saw with Hurricane Laura, nature can bring tragedy and destruction, but it can also bring beauty. And what’s more beautiful than a rare celestial alignment?

Stargazers late Friday night into Saturday can see Jupiter, Saturn and the moon all align to form a triangle. And the best part is you don’t need a telescope to see it!

While Saturn and Jupiter have already aligned once this month, the conjunction of these planets with Earth’s orbit only happen once every 12 years.

Stargazers can see this phenomenon high in the southern sky around midnight. Jupiter will be right above the moon, and Saturn will be on the left.

While the conjunction can be observed with the naked eye, binoculars will give you a clear look at Jupiter’s four “Galilean” moons. If you want the chance to see Saturn’s rings, you will need a small telescope.