Nebraska president says Big Ten could vote on plan very soon – 247Sports

The Big Ten continues to make the rounds in the news cycle as the fight to bring back the fall football season continues. The league canceled the fall football season with hopes of playing in the winter or spring.

One Big Ten school that is set on playing sooner is Nebraska. School president Ted Carter on Wednesday offered some thoughts about returning to play amid rumors of the season supposedly coming back on October 10th, though the more publicly discussed possibilities have circled around starting closer to Thanksgiving or January.

He joined News Talk 1400 AM to discuss previous disinformation and gave an update on any possible vote.

“I made a comment about how much disinformation is out there,” Carter said. “But here’s what I will say. There is an awful lot of work still going on with the return to play committee for which chancellor Ronnie Green, Athletic Director Bill Moos and coach Scott Frost are on. They’re putting together some plans that the presidents and chancellors will vote on very soon. The fight is still on. We have been aligned here in this state from the get go….we feel it’s safe to play here. That’s our theme here and we’re still strong on that.

“I follow Twitter like everyone else. There are some people that just want to put out disinformation and then there are some professionals on campuses like the Penn State doctor that put out information that had to pull all of that back. Everyone should take information with a strong dose of caution. Listen to the people that are in the senior administrative positions. We are very open and transparent.

“Every email I’ve typed out in the last year has been shared with the media. Even when President Trump called Kevin Warren, somebody thought that I might have directed that at the White House. So I had those emails pulled and I can confirm that that did not happen. We’re going to be honest and straightforward. We continue to say we are ready to play and can play.”

According to the Chicago Tribune’s Teddy Greenstein, that vote could come this weekend.

“Just learned re: timing of the B1G vote … will be this weekend ‘at the earliest’ … Sun or Mon possible,” Greenstein wrote on Twitter.

During his press briefing on Tuesday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said that he spoke to Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith earlier in the day and Smith believes a Big Ten football season in 2020 is still “in play.”

“I think there certainly is a decent chance of there being a season in football for the Big Ten, for Ohio State, which is what we’re really concerned about,” DeWine said. “I talked to Gene Smith this morning about that issue. I’m not going to disclose our conversation other than I inquired about it. He told me it was still in play, still very much a possibility.”

College football kicked off this month and continues this weekend with the return of ACC and Big 12 play while the SEC is scheduled to kick off in two weeks.