Banner over Dodger Stadium will be direct: ASTROS CHEATED – Los Angeles Times

Fans will not be allowed at Dodger Stadium to jeer the Houston Astros in person Saturday and Sunday, but the plan for some is to communicate their feelings in other ways before the Astros’ first games in Los Angeles since their cheating scandal rocked the major leagues.

Weather permitting, airplanes will fly over Dodger Stadium each day with a banner directed at the Astros.

On Saturday, the message will read: ASTROS CHEATED. NEVER FORGET. GO DODGERS!

On Sunday, at least two different banners, bankrolled by separate crowdfunding efforts, are scheduled to fly with similar messages.

David Yontz, a Dodgers fan from Georgia, started a GoFundMe page to raise the $850 to pay for one of them. Yontz said he would donate any extra money raised to charities associated with the Dodgers. As of Saturday morning, the fundraiser had totaled $934. Yontz got help spreading the word from Brendan Donley, the man from Western Michigan behind the 2020 Astros Shame Tour Twitter account. Donley tweeted the information out to his 310,000 followers and ran a poll to decide the banner’s message.

That banner will be succinct: STEAL THIS SIGN, ASTROS.

Two other Dodgers fans — Nathan Nguyen and Meredith Kendrick — partnered for another banner. They surpassed their goal of $1,725 on GoFundMe for the cost — the total reached $1,870 from 89 donors as of Saturday — and will donate the extra money for the Dodgers Foundation.

Their message a little longer: “HEY ASTR*S, TRY STEALING THIS SIGN!”

Fly Signs Aerial Advertising was to fly Saturday’s banner and Yontz’s banner Sunday. But Justin Jaye, the company’s owner, said he wasn’t sure if flights would be allowed either day because of the region’s poor air quality and low visibility. Jaye said he’s had 15 flights grounded in the last five days.

If given the green light, the plane would fly from Corona Airport and pass over the Santa Monica Pier and Venice from 2:50 to 3:15 p.m. before making its way east to Dodger Stadium. The plan is for the plane to fly over the ballpark while the Astros take batting practice. A flight restriction over the stadium goes into effect at 4:05 p.m., an hour before the game’s scheduled first pitch.

A group of fans is also expected to gather outside a stadium gate Saturday morning to boo the Astros team bus as it enters. Meanwhile, about 10 minutes away, a mural of Joe Kelly making the pouty face he gave Astros shortstop Carlos Correa before benches cleared in the clubs’ first meeting this season has become an attraction for fans this week. Kelly visited the mural, which is painted on the side of a barbershop, with his family Thursday.