Graff: The troubling pair of perspectives behind the Vikings last-drive chaos – The Athletic

Kirk Cousins trotted onto the field with 104 seconds remaining and the Vikings about 40 yards from a potential game-winning field goal. It had been a rough start to this season for Cousins, but here was a chance to be the hero.

He leads an offense that is supposed to be the strength of this team and had already played their best game of this short season, admittedly a low bar to clear. They’d amassed 30 points and nearly 500 yards and now had the opportunity to add a game-winning drive after the defense forced the Titans to make a 55-yard field goal to take the lead.

If ever there were a time for them to put together a drive, this was it. They were gifted a roughing the passer penalty to open, yet another easily-avoidable mistake by the Titans who offered their opponents ample opportunities to win this game. The Vikings really only needed to gain about 25 more yards and they’d be set up for a victory.

Instead, what followed was an astounding bit…