The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale: Those Weird Soldiers, Explained – GameSpot

The Walking Dead returned for a single episode, which was originally supposed to be the series finale. For the most part, this new installment, titled “A Certain Doom,” was rather underwhelming. AMC’s decision to announce the show will be ending after next season made a lot of the episode’s stakes irrelevant. However, there is still one scene worth noting.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for The Walking Season Season 10, Episode 16–“A Certain Doom.” If you’ve not watched this episode yet, stop reading now.

Toward the end of the episode, Eugene (Josh McDermitt), Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), Ezekiel (Khary Payton), and Princess (Paola Lazaro) encounter a group of heavily armored and armed soldiers that order them to drop their weapons. Given that this is the zombie apocalypse and nobody on their show has done their laundry in what seems like a decade the pristine, white armor of the soldiers stands out in a major way–and it should.

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These soldiers are actually pulled right from the comics and are likely setting the stage for the next major villain on the show, now that the Whisperers are dead and buried. This troop represents a group called the Commonwealth, which was first introduced in issue 175.

In the comics, the Commonwealth is a community of 50,000 survivors spread across different settlements–all under the leadership of Commonwealth governor Pamela Milton. It remains to be seen how closely the show will stick to the comic book version of the Commonwealth, but they are a formidable foe for the final season of The Walking Dead.

Notably, in the comics, it’s the introduction of the Commonwealth that ultimately leads to the death of Rick Grimes. Of course, with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) already off the show, some major changes are going to have to be made. With the end of The Walking Dead in sight, though, it’s appropriate that the last major comic book villain is making its way to the TV series.

The Walking Dead will return for six more Season 10 episodes sometime in early 2021.